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Data Discovery lab

  • 8Weeks


Pain points: Current team is struggling as legacy data architecture and data flow diagrams are not available Heavy dependency on individuals or external vendors Threat to operations on account of employee attrition Enhancement- phobia Adopting new technologies or changing the architecture is extremely challenging Objectives: To help the CTO or CDO take more informed decisions and help in the transformation initiatives such as movement to new technology, changing the current architecture or creating effective OLTP/OLAP environments. Requirements from Client: Documentation of applications and database in scope, if any Inhouse Modeling tools Availability of Application SMEs, Business SMEs, DBA/ Data Manager and System Analysts Deliverables: Discovering and Documenting As is Data Flows Data movement Data Architecture Data Model & Dictionary Integration of upstream and downstream applications Reporting & Analytics Desired State Pain Areas & Gap Analysis Scope: Up to 1 applications and corresponding databases 100 tables and 50 procedures(for larger sizes, we can provide customised quote) Services to be provided through Remote Delivery

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