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Database Health Check

  • 4Weeks


Objective: To get ahead of problems before they becomes a headache and it can help identify patches and software needed to improve performance and security. Deliverables: Analysis of in scope database and database parameters across 6 Dimensions: System Health Database Performance SQL Health Database Security Recovery Readiness Maintenance Identification of the gaps (if any) Recommendations for improving performance Tools and Reports Used: Oracle: SQL Developer/TOAD, AWR Reports/ STATSPACK, Oracle Enterprise Manager, SQL Performance Analyser, Custom Scripts MS SQL: SSMS, Custom Scripts PostgreSQL: PGAdmin MySQL: MySQL Workbench Requirements from Client: Documentation of applications and database in scope Permissions to access the database and to use the tools and reports 3) Availability of Application SMEs and DBA/ Data Manager Scope: Application written in .NET or Java Databases in scope: Oracle, PostgreSQL, MySQL, MS SQL 1 Application & corresponding database (maximum of 100 tables and views and 50 procedures & functions) (for larger sizes, we can provide customised quote) Services to be provided through Remote Delivery Time Period: 3-4 weeks

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